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Débutants / Novices

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Débutants 2ème année


 Something Easy Bridges to your heart  Bring down the house 
 An absolute dream (IC 13/14) Golden Wedding Ring  Loslappie 
Country as can be  It's important (IC 15/16)  Messed up in Memphis (IC 10/11)
 Go cat go  Rain  Buzz me
 Cucaracha  Buzz me Golden Wedding Ring 
Country walking  Tennessee Waltz Surprise  Look around (IC 16/17) 
 Rain Country Two Step   Tango with the sheriff
 Let's Marvin Gaye AB Rocket to the sun  Rocket to the sun 
 Buzz me  Something in the water  Heart of an angel
 Golden Wedding Ring Cabo San Lucas (IC 08/09)  Come on down (IC 15/16)
The Harvester  Tell the world Tell the world 
 Bullfrog on a log  Andalouse Doctor doctor
Rocket to the sun  Wave on wave  Chasing down a good time
Tell the world   All shook up  Heart of an angel - partenaire 
 Bridges to your heart Jailhouse Creole  Carnival Ride (IC 16/17) 
 It's important (IC 15/16) My new life   Million Dollar (IC 16/17)
Andalouse   Baby Belle
Lonely Girl 
 Copperhead Road Lonely Girl  Just for grins
Tennessee Waltz Surprise   Good time girls (IC 14/15) Soldier (IC 16/17)
 Jailhouse Creole  Boys and a girl thing Old and grey (IC 16/17) 
 Black Coffee  Break it back down  Down on the corner (IC 02/03)
 Cabo San Lucas (IC 08/09)  Indian Sound  Tush Push
Summer Fly     Indian Sound
 Good time girls (IC 14/15)    
 Boys and a girl thing    
Oh no despacito    

Novices / Intermédiaires / Avancés

Novices / Intermédiaires


 Sun don't let me down Hey O 
 The Harvester Way way back
 Golden Wedding Ring  Where you wanna go
 It's important (IC 15/16)  Digital Age
Rain  Life of the party 
 Dancing violins Blue ain't your color 
 Buzz me  The Fighter
Triple Cross - partenaire  Girl Crush
 Blue lights chasing (IC 16/17)  Lucky me (IC 16/17)
Tell the world Dear Friend 
 Never ever  Whiskey's gone
 Much too young  From the ground up
 A Country High (IC 16/17)  Sofia
 Mary, Mary  The Violin
 Chasing down a good time  
 Heart of an angel  
 Heart of an angel - partenaire  

 Lonely Girl

 Million Dollar (IC 16/17)  
 Gypsy Queen  
Big City Summertime  
 Whatcha Reckon  
 Soldier (IC 16/17)  
 Break it back down  
Wonder (IC 16/17)  
Homegrown Honky Tonk - partenaire  
Country Roads