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Débutants / Novices

Premiers pas

Débutants 2ème année


Twist and Shake Twist and Shake   Coastin
Lindi Shuffle  Something in the water  Lonely Drum
 Go cat go  Tag on Southern Delight 
 Let's Marvin Gaye AB  My everything Darlin - partenaire
 My everything  God blessed Texas Driven (IC 12/13) 
1 2 3 Waltz Crash and burn   Cha Cha 1 - partenaire 
 Crash and burn Girl of the summer   Three Teachers (IC 17/18)
 Bullfrog on a log  Mountains to the sea Get to you (IC 17/18) 
Wasted (IC 12/13)  My new life  Lover please come back - partenaire
The Harvester  Heart of an angel  Cash Back (IC 17/18) 
 Girl of the summer  Doin' me wrong (IC 17/18) Champagne Promise 
 Doin' me wrong (IC 17/18)  Last dance for me  3-2-1 (IC 17/18) - partenaire
 It's important  (IC 15/16)  Chasing down a good time Friday at the dance 
 Andalouse Another country  Modern Romance 
Another country   El Paso - partenaire Nancy Mulligan 
 Mountains to the sea  Drinking Problem (IC 17/18)  Roots
Drinking Problem  (IC 17/18)  Clear Isabel Wagon Wheel Rock  
Lonely Drum  Wave on wave Reasons for my tears 
 Clear Isabel Don't you wish  Corn don't grow 
 Indian Sound Hawaiian Girl   People are good  (IC 17/18)
 Country 2 Step  Country 2 Step  
 (Début septembre 2018) Katchi Lonely Drum   

Intermédiaires / Avancés



Lonely Drum The one you're waiting on 
 Twist and Shake Run Run Run 
 Old and Grey (IC 16/17)  Another crazy year
Oh No Despacito   Perfect
 Roots  Second Hand Heart
 Three Teachers (IC 17/18)  Hell if I know
 Crash and burn Female 
 Dig your heels (IC 17/18)  Can't walk away
 Cash Back (IC 17/18) From this moment (IC 17/18) - révision
 Get to you (IC 17/18)  Hearts on fire
3-2-1 (IC 17/18) - partenaire   Friends for life (IC 17/18)
Doin' me wrong  (IC 17/18)   Vaiven
Wild nights in Mexico - partenaire   Road Less Traveled
Sweet Caroline  Friends 
 Woman Amen (IC 17/18)  
 Drinking Problem  (IC 17/18)  
 La Estrella (IC 17/18) - partenaire  
 Reasons for my tears  
Another country   
 People are good  (IC 17/18)  
 I run to you  
Clear Isabel