1ère année

2ème année

Lindi shuffle Texas stomp (ou "Révérence")
Fuzzy Duck Slide (ou "Carré") Jailhouse Creole
Free and Easy (ou "Citroën") Cotton-Eyed Joe - mixer circle
Skip (ou Sixteen steps) God blessed Texas
Copperhead Road Celtic CT
Cotton-Eyed Joe - mixer circle  Closer (IC 10/11)
Some Beach  Something in the water
Western Barn Dance  Where I belong
Canadian stomp  Cabo San Lucas (IC 08/09)
Country walking  El Paso
Cha cha 1  Sunny Day (IC 08/09)
Cucaracha Beer for my horses (IC 05/06)
God blessed Texas  Good time (IC 08/09)
Where I belong  Cut a rug
Beautiful day  Toes
Cut a rug  People are crazy
Something in the water  Lover please come back
Cowboy strut  Wild Stallion
El Paso  You're so naughty (IC 04/05)
Sunny Day (IC 08/09)  Just for grins (IC 01/02)
Tennessee Waltz Surprise  One woman man (IC 11/12)
One woman man (IC 11/12)  Seminole wind
Mamma Maria  Fishin' in the dark
Oh Suzanna !  My designated drinker (IC 10/11)
Chica boom boom  

Novices / Intermédiaires



Texas stomp (ou "Révérence") All shook up
Knee Deep (IC 10/11) Patient heart (IC 10/11)
Cotton-Eyed Joe - mixer circle Better Life (IC 10/11)
 Taverns Time  I run to you
Something in the water  Messed up in Memphis (IC 10/11)
Just doin' my thing (IC 11/12)  The Flute
Schottische  Calling you baby (IC 11/12)
Doctor, doctor  Big Jimmy (IC 11/12)
Flip Flop (IC 02/03)  Hallelujah
El Paso  Walking away
Where I belong  Chicken fried stomp (IC 11/12)
Galway girls  Footloose
Speak with your heart (IC 11/12)  Brokenheartsville (IC 04/05)
Cut a rug  Intrigue
Telepathy  Red Camaro
Waltz across Texas  Caribbean pearl
Free and easy partner (IC 11/12)  Footsteps of our fathers
Wild Stallion  
Islands in the stream (IC 01/02)  
Fishin' in the dark  
One woman man (IC 11/12)  
Seminole wind  
What about now (IC 05/06)  
Pick a bale  
Santa Fe Cha Cha