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Débutants 2ème année


Lindi shuffle Everybody knows Schottische (ou "Mercury") - partenaire
  Fuzzy Duck Slide (ou "Carré") Duchess (IC 03/04) Impulse (IC 05/06)
Duchess (IC 03/04) Grundy Gallop (IC 03/04) Day drinking (IC 14/15) 
Go cat go Louisiana strut Overrated
Free and easy (ou "Citroën") Let's Marvin Gaye AB  Another song
My everything  Leave it to you (IC 12/13) Generation away
Leave it to you (IC 12/13) Generation away My last day (IC 15/16) 
Generation away
Cut a rug  Hands on my heart (IC 15/16)
Cut a rug
 P3 (IC 14/15) Dog River Blues
Let's Marvin Gaye AB
Text me Texas  Thanks a lot
Text me Texas
Home to Louisiana (IC 06/07)   Show you off (IC 15/16)
Country walking Kill the lights   We are tonight (IC 15/16)
 After the storm You're so naughty   Teddy bear's picnic
 Thanks a lot  Thanks a lot  Better times
 Copperhead road Copperhead road   Another somebody (IC 05/06)
 Wonderful waste  Summer Fly Lord help me (IC 15/16) 
 Bullfrog on a log Bullfrog on a log   Tag on
 Lord help me (IC 15/16) Lord help me (IC 15/16)   Old beach roller coaster (IC 14/15)
An absolute dream (IC 13/14)   My last day (IC 15/16)  Bridges to your heart
Canadian stomp  Whatcha Reckon    La Chapelloise - partenaire
Cucaracha  The Galway gathering  It's important (IC 15/16)
 Wasted (IC 12/13) Where I belong   
 Where I belong Disappearing tail lights (IC 12/13)   
Disappearing tail lights (IC 12/13)  When your lips are so close  
Bridges to your heart The Harvester   
The Harvester    

Novices / Intermédiaires / Avancés

Novices / Intermédiaires


The boat to Liverpool Earthbound
Impulse (IC 05/06) Awful beautiful
International Harvester (IC 09/10) Shut up and dance
We are tonight (IC 15/16) - révision DJ Tonight
Dog River Blues The Queen
Generation away And get it on
My last day (IC 15/16) Bruises
My everything
 From this moment
Pizzirico  Pot of gold
Let's Marvin Gaye AB  Amame
Bring down the house  Won't you be mine
Mexican Wind (IC 05/06) - partenaire Humble and kind 
Thanks a lot  Making me crazy
 Come on down (IC 15/16)
 Twist and Turns
 Hands on my heart (IC 15/16)  Won't let go
Bullfrog on a log  
 Show you off (IC 15/16)   
 Messed up in Memphis (IC 10/11)  

Tag on 

Modern Romance  
 La Chapelloise - partenaire  
Dream in my eyes - partenaire  
Lord help me (IC 15/16)  
Bridges to your heart  
Corn don't grow