Débutants / Novices

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Débutants 2ème année


 Lindi shuffle Positively beginner (IC 13/14)  Quitter (IC 13/14)
 Fuzzy Duck Slide (ou "Carré") Country as can be Wake up ! 
 Country as can be Tennessee Waltz Surprise  After the storm 
 An absolute dream (IC 13/14) Texas stomp (ou "Révérence")  Country two step 
 Texas stomp (ou "Révérence") Sticks and stones  Wake me up 
Beautiful day   Where I belong What about now (IC 05/06)
Free and easy (ou "Citroën")  After the storm Budapest (UNL 14/15)
 Western barn dance  Cotton-Eyed Joe  Angel of the night (IC 14/15)
Cotton-Eyed Joe  Cha Cha 1   All shook up
 Cha Cha 1  Why wait  Jolie Louise
 Why wait Wake up !   Good time girls (IC 14/15)
 Country walking Wonderful waste  Lay Low (IC 14/15) 
 Canadian stomp  Come dance with me Stick like glue 
Wonderful waste  K-I-S-S   On my red Camaro (IC 13/14)
 Cucaracha  Jolie Louise When your lips are so close 
 K-I-S-S  Everybody knows  Make you mine (IC 14/15)
 Wasted (IC 12/13)  You're so naughty  The boat to Liverpool
Some beach  Stick like glue Pizzirico
 Chica boom boom  Black coffee  P3 (IC 14/15)
 After the storm  My everything  Islands in the stream (IC 01/02)
 My everything Go cat go   Third romance
 Go cat go  Closer (IC 10/11)  
 Third romance    


Novices / Intermédiaires / Avancés

Novices / Intermédiaires

Intermédiaires / Avancés

 Wake up !  Old beach roller coaster (IC 14/15)

Another somebody (IC 05/06)

The Other Side ou Wow Hawaii
After the storm   Beast of Burden
 Footloose  In my heart (UNL 14/15)
Budapest (UNL 14/15) Too young (UNL 14/15)
 Old beach roller coaster (IC 14/15)  It looks like pain (IC 14/15)
Wake me up  We only live once
 Angel of the night (IC 14/15)  Where we've been
 Why wait  Since you brought it up
 When your lips are so close The dancing tree (UNL 14/15)
 Let 'er rip (IC 01/02)  Shades of passion
Good time girls (IC 14/15) Homegrown (IC 14/15)
Stick like glue   Walkaway Joe
Lay Low (IC 14/15)   Little white church
Jolie Louise Little bit of everything 
 All shook up Countrified soul 
 Rubitin (IC 07/08)  
 P3 (IC 14/15)  
 Make you mine (IC 14/15)  
Country as can be